Risk map example
Example map from the carrot rust fly temperature model

VIPS risk maps

Risk maps show risks of infections of various plant pests based on weather data in a 1x1 km grid. The risks indicate whether the weather conditions are suitable for a pest to develop or spread, provided that other biological conditions are met.

The information in the map provides a regional overview without being dependent on stationary weather stations. Corresponding alerts for various perpetrators are also calculated with data from weather stations at fixed locations, where more detailed calculations can be retrieved via the display in the map on the VIPS front page.

Users of VIPS must assess for themselves whether the pest is present in the relevant area, whether host plants are susceptible, and whether there is a need for measures. It is recommended to contact your local adviser for assessment of relevant measures.

Data source

Risk models for various pests are calculated in a 1x1km grid with weather data from reanalyzed data and weather forecasts from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The alerts are updated once per day, and the maps have a time scale where it is possible to navigate in time from the model's start date and up to 2 days into the future in the current season.

Risk maps development

The carrot rust fly model was the first model set up for display in risk maps. This was a result of the project 'Grid-based alerts in VIPS', with funding from the Directorate of Agriculture through the Action plan for the sustainable use of pesticides in 2023. A test version was operative in 2023, and the map will be launched for use in VIPS in 2024.

The risk maps' data sources and potential for integration of different models are the result of synergies between several projects, including IPM Decisions and MaDiPHS (Malawi Digital Plant Health Service), where risk maps for pests are to be set up in services with relevance for users in Europe and in Malawi .

Risk maps in IPM Decisions (Europe): https://platform.ipmdecisions.net/

Risk maps for Malawi - see the progress here: https://madiphs.org/

Available risk maps